Tip: the best information for the best decision

To fulfil its true function of indicator and lead to the best decisive action, a HR data must be strategic and correlates with all relevant information. With BiHRdy, you are guaranteed to easily meet your legal obligations (social report, mandatory reporting, etc.) and benefit from a double intelligence:
-strategic: identification and production of the KPIs to optimize the management of your strategic actions.
-overall: correlation of all HR and other data to better understand your business-specific events and their causes with a comprehensive vision.

Indeed, because it involves men and a corporate culture, HR data modelling is a matter of specialists combining knowledge of your business and the management of human resources. It is the Business Intelligence that guarantees to make the best decisions and validate their relevance.

The solution BiHRdy is designed and implemented by recognised experts for their double competence in BI and HR: with you, they identify and produce key indicators, help you in the definition of your HR scorecard to measure the differences between your plan and  reality. In the case of international consolidation, BiHRdy experts help you define a common repository. They put at your disposal the template balance Social and social dashboards adapted to your business.

Much more than a simple indicator of observation, you get intelligent information that indicate you the action plans to align your HR policy on your company’s strategy.



Advanced control tool

Through the Scorecard and Dashboard, you have an advanced control tool that takes advantage of the full power of Business intelligence:

  • monitoring and control tools of the HR strategy
  • establishment of key performance indicators (KPi’s) aligned with the company’s strategy,
  • Control of these indicators (gaps, alerts),
  • indicators graphical representation (gauges, speedometers  , cartographic and geographic analysis).


Modelled Solution

Application solution modelled with more than 450 data, 100 modelled tables and 150 predefined flows, BiHRdy ,in ready to use, offers hundreds of key indicators of the HR (social management, performance and creation of value) function. BiHRdy solution presents a functional covering adapted to the basic  needs of your HR policy (staffing, mobility, compensation, training, skills) and adaptable to your specificities.

Thanks to its predefined integration  and its ERP standard connectors to speed up the extraction of data, BiHRdy is a vertical business solution that fits naturally into your heterogeneous HRIS (HR Access, SAP, Oracle, etc.) in order to quickly provide multidimensional analysis essential to the best decisions.

Modelling, sharing, personalisation and  ‘open source’  high  technology : with BiHRdy, you benefit from  a tool for advanced and tailor made monitoring  who offers the best cost/performance ratio and that minimizes the time and risks associated with the  project management.



BiHRdy: a functional architecture for a comprehensive vision

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