A solution that combines the main HR employees data to talent management data in an integrated system undoubtedly represents the answer to the many challenges HR managers face today. This new generation HRIS tool will give access to centralised data. It will enable the HR managers to perform the following operations:

  • Evaluate HR programs at the financial level
  • Provide measurements and analysis on employees
  • Increase collaboration between employees through corporate networks
  • Create a better plan of individual development to fill gaps
  • And much more!


Fusion HCM, Taleo

logo-oracle-hcmOracle Fusion Applications solutions are fully designed from the latest advanced technologies and integrate best practices developed thanks to thousands of Oracle customers. These are fully open standards-based management applications. They establish a new model of how we innovate, work and adopt technologies.


Oracle Taleo Cloud Service helps large and medium-sized companies recruit the best elements, assign key targets to these talents, to manage their performance, develop and  pay increase for the most effective ones and make the best employees tomorrow’s leaders.
Platform of talent management in the Cloud among the most complete in the sector, Oracle Taleo Cloud Service collects relevant information about talent throughout the employee lifecycle. Opportunities that emerge allow HR, managers and employees to increase performance and stimulate the activity of the company.