Join HR Path teams , a human-sized company that trusts you, gives support to you throughout your career and helps you to become a full actor of your professional success.

At HR Path we practice close human resources policy meaning a relationship of trust between the top management and consultants. The company makes sure to manage in an individual basis its employees listening to them and helping them to fulfil their professional and personal wishes.

Our organization, characterized by short reporting lines, by the diversity of projects, by knowledge sharing and by the specific role of managers, allows everyone to progress and integrate into a user-friendly company with ambitious plans and has the means to achieve them. Key persons of our organization, managers are both technical and HR referents that drive annual performance of their team by highlighting their achievements, areas for improvement as well as their wished changes. The regular monitoring and feedback allow us to guarantee to our customers a compensation policy based on equity, recognition and enhancement of individual performance.

HR Path lies on its performance on strong values: friendliness, reliability, professionalism, cohesion, commitment, team spirit and sense of customer service.

If like us, you share these values and have a taste for challenge, join us!