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Creation of CBL Consulting
1st international opening

CBL Development Center in Morocco

Creation of HR Path

Purchase of GRH Consulting

Fusion of RHnet
Creation of HR Mind

Opening of the HR Path Canada office

Wellington and Gilbert Consultants merger

Wellington becomes Univers Paie

Opening of offices:

HR Path Belgium

HR Path Switzerland

HR Path Middle East

HR Path America

Purchase of ICRH Group

Ouverture du bureau HR Path New Caledonia

RHnet merges with ICRH

to become ICRHnet

Opening of offices:

HR Path Spain

HR Path UK

HR Path Vietnam

Acquisition of Sages Software (Pandore),
Cleveor and Human Start

Creation of HR Path Gid

Opening of the HR Path Germany office

Acquisition of Cleversys,
Cinethic and Strator RH
Gilbert Consultants merges with Cleversys

to become HRGSYS

Takeover of Virtualia, Avenue HR and Cetis

Opening of offices:

HR Path Netherlands

HR Path Singapore

Merger of Cetis and Univers Paie

Opening of the HR Path Mexico office