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The Story

Success stories always begin with a meeting…

The friendship between François Boulet and Cyril Courtin, both consultants, led them to join forces at the beginning of 2001. 

Their profiles are complementary. Above all, they share the same intuition: the evolution of professions and HR issues implies a new global, digital and personalized offer. This conviction gave birth to HR Path, a resolutely contemporary player on the “HR planet”, conceived as the meeting point between in-depth expertise and technological mastery.

At the heart of any organization, there is human capital and all the issues associated with it such as recruitment that perfectly adapts to the needs of the company, handling all aspects related to employee compensation, skills, career development and the evolution of uses at work.

It’s to this sum of challenges specific to each structure that HR Path proposes concrete answers. Thus, in order to improve its clients’ performance, HR Path deploys innovative tools that accompany the digital transformation of HR departments.

Master point, HR Path’s offer supports human resources departments, covering the entire chain: outsourcing, development, maintenance of HR solutions and, of course, consulting.

Consulting, which refers to the transformation of organizations, change management or digitalisation and HR strategy consulting. HR Path intervenes at each stage of HRIS projects on the main software solutions in the market.

– The Main Dates –

Creation of CBL Consulting

On 16 March 2001, creation of the company CBL Consulting by François Boulet and Cyril Courtin.

International opening

CBL Development Center in Morocco

Birth of HR Path

Purchase of GRH Consulting

Fusion of RHnet

Creation of HR Mind

Opening of the HR Path Canada office

Acquisition of Wellington and Gilbert Consultants

Wellington becomes Univers Paie

Opening of offices: HR Path Belgium, HR Path Switzerland, HR Path Middle East, HR Path America.

Buyout of ICRH

HR Path New Caledonia office opening

Creation of ICRHnet

By merging RHnet and ICRH

Opening of offices: HR Path Spain, HR Path UK, HR Path Vietnam

Creation of HR Path Gid

Acquisition of Sages Software (Pandore), Cleveor and Human Start

Opening of the HR Path Germany office

Acquisition of Cleversys, Cinethic, Strator RH

Gilbert Consultants merges with Cleversys to become HRGSYS

Takeover of Virtualia, Avenue HR and Cetis

Opening of offices: HR Path Netherlands, HR Path Singapore

Merger of Cetis and Univers Paie

Acquisition of Ataraxis NV and Oxfera's SAP Practice

Opening of HR Path Mexico

Acquisition of KWP Insider HR, DDG, Go-cloud Solutions and Exaserv NV

Acquisition of Intalent

HR Path guarantees a unique treatment of the “HR challenge” tailored to each interlocutor.

Because this is another dimension of the HR Path offering, relying on multidisciplinary teams, as expert as experienced, HR Path adapts to each need, each configuration, each problem and each stage. Agile and creative, it preserves its independence thanks to the links it has forged with the plurality of major software markets’ solutions like SAP, Oracle, Workday, Cegid, Sage, HR access and Talentsoft . But HR Path has also developed its own software suite called PoweHR, dedicated to payroll, time and talent management in both the private and public sectors.