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Create a Warm Remote onboarding process with Workday!

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Having a warm and effective onboarding program that welcomes, informs, and connects the employee with their team and the organization is very important. This has been shown by many different studies in the past decades. Although it sounds logical and familiar, research still points out that many companies do not have a formal onboarding program especially considering the health crisis we are currently experiencing.

Here are some 5 key facts you need to know about onboarding:

    1. More than 90% of new employees decide to stay with an organization within the first 6 months (Johnson & Senges, 2010).
    2. Over 1/3 of new employees will look for a new job within their first 6 months (Ferrazzi, 2015). Around 1/5 already within the first 45 days (The Wynhurst Group).
    3. More than 1/5 of companies have no formal onboarding program. Around ½ only have a partially successful process (Ferrazzi, 2015).
    4. Over 76% of organizations are underutilizing employee onboarding practices (Typelane).
    5. Organizations with effective onboarding ‘improve retention rates (52%), time to productivity (60 %) and overall customer satisfaction (53 %) (Bauer, 2010).

These statistics show the importance of early onboarding to avoid premature offboarding and (new) employee retention in your company. Onboarding is a very important ‘first impression journey’ that an employee goes through and by making this ‘journey’` as effective as possible for the employee should be a high priority for your company.

The importance of a successful online onboarding process has become more crucial than before due to the new remote trend as well as the ongoing pandemic

Virtual onboarding is not a new concept but, for most companies it was more an exception than the rule. Nevertheless, the COVID-19 crisis has changed this perception. At a certain point during the crisis nearly half of the workforces worked remotely (Brynjolfsson et al., 2020). Companies were and are being forced to onboard their (new) employees remotely due to the regulations and the need to work from home. In this way, virtual onboarding is becoming/will become for many more companies the new ‘normal’.

If you want to learn more about this growing issue facing companies and understand how to create a warm remote onboarding process with Workday, don’t miss out on our upcoming webinar! You will leave having discovered how Workday Onboarding tools and features are designed to link remote work and onboarding! Click on the link below to sign up today before all spots are gone!

Create a Warm Remote onboarding process with Workday!

Thursday, February 4, 2021

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM CET
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Some of the topics that we will cover include:

  • Introduction to Workday Onboarding
  • What effective Onboarding should look like
  • How can Workday support your onboarding process?
  • A Demo with opportunities to speak one on one with our experts
  • How can HR Path contribute to making your onboarding a success?