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How payroll outsourcing helps business development recover in Indonesia

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If the recent pandemic outbreak has taught us anything, it is the need to be agile and resilient. Organizations must remain strong. In order for this to happen, they need to build stronger teams and support services. The run of the business should also be taken in a dynamic view where the focus is to recover from the most impacting issue, the economic environment, with payroll outsourcing.

The impact of Covid-19 greatly affects all aspects of human life, not only in managing a business, but also lifestyle and work. Indonesia is now one country in the APAC region that has been added to the top 10 countries within HR Path 18 countries with payroll complexity.

Businesses are undergoing a very fast digital transformation. This transformation brings complex challenges from businesses’ productivity, to pace of alignment with new regulations, change in workforce structure & organization, and company culture evolutions. Many organizations have suffered and or are trying to survive. For that reason, they must adapt to this new way and “New Normal Era”. The way to balance it is to change the mindset in managing the business.

Business executives must be more proactive and think about strategies based on the digital environment. Recent survey shows that payroll outsourcing enables – companies get back and stay on track, to ensure compliance, and reduce the total cost of ownership of the function. As one of the most populated countries, having strategic changes in the economic environment is indeed a real challenge as mentioned. Fortunately, Indonesia holds a chance of opportunity for business recovery in Asia as payroll outsourcing is already available in the country.


Payroll Outsourcing as the key to business continuity & agility

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Payroll or Payroll Outsourcing plays a main role in securing managing the complexity arising from Covid-19.
The HR Path experts in Europe and America have been supporting companies in making their payroll life easier – providing them a “peace of mind” solution

What can payroll outsourcing bring to businesses?

  • Secured Compliance

Whatever the changes in the regulations, a payroll provider as HR Path is committed to delivering accurate and on time payroll – including all statutory declarations.

  • Focus on Core Business

HR Teams can focus on high value-added tasks related to the core business of their organization

  • Maximized efficiency

Thanks to a combination of best practices processes, and in-depth knowledge of HRIS and related possible automations through integrations.

  • Highest standard related to data privacy

Data privacy and payroll are strictly linked – the overall architecture and processes implemented are designed to comply with the highest standard and market regulations requirements related to security and data privacy.

For more details about our BPO Services in Indonesia, you can access our podcast here.

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