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HR processes are clearly impacted by the arrival of new technologies: digital technology, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI). HR processes such as recruitment or personnel management have been reinvented. The disciplinary matrix is ​​thus evolving, and the set of beliefs, values ​​and techniques shared by the members of the HR community during the last period is being metamorphosed. From now on, HR needs to understand these new challenges of anticipating talent management, adapting training methods and optimizing recruitment processes. Indeed,...

It’s time to stop using stress as a management model and favor the well-being of employees. The term “Happy Management” became one of the key factors in creating wealthy companies. In this quest for happiness in the workplace, everyone has a role to play. A new workplace model cannot be created without the end of the old style. Since Taylor and its scientific management, the company acquired the ingredients of the disengagement of the employees in the professional work. The separation...