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The employer brand attractiveness factor for businesses

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The employer brand of a company represents “all the possible imaging problems a company could face regarding current or potential employees’ views”. So, when the brand image is positive, it will attract more talented candidates which contributes to the development of the company as these ones feel more engaged and acknowledge the values conveyed by the company. 


The employer brand, a win-win for employees and employers

Candidates are more likely to apply for a job in a business when they have a good working environment. On the other hand, a positive employer mark will motivate employees more, resulting in an increase in commitment within the company.

Then, in a context where professional mobility is strong, having worked in a company with a good brand image will be a great asset for an employee when looking for a new job. Indeed, future recruiters will pay attention to the past experiences of candidates, and especially the reputation of the previous company they worked for.

The quality of the employee experience also has an impact on the recruitment costs. When it is good, recruitment costs are reduced. If it isn’t, applicants will apply for a 5% higher raise in salary than they would have in an attractive company. This is to compensate for the disadvantages caused by the bad employer brand.


How to improve your employer brand?

No panic, the company’s rating is not set in stone. It is possible to improve it in a few actions and some creativity.


With students: focus on personal approaches

The classical methods remain the presence of the companies in the student fairs, and the specialized press like the magazine of “The student” for example. These two means allow a first direct contact with students seeking their professional orientation. The only thing left for companies to do is to attract future potential employees with their best values.

On the other hand, some companies are partnering up with schools to be present directly on campuses, so they may pick up talents rather than let them come. This allows companies to be the first to make a good impression on students by offering them internships or first jobs.


Assets: Inbound Recruiting

At the dawn of Digitalization and all its innovations, the Internet and social networks remain powerful tools when working and advertising its employer brand. We see big marketing campaigns on LinkedIn or Facebook, to attract more talents. These practices are characteristic of the so-called “inbound recruiting”.

Through the different channels of communication, which are social networks, companies can be creative when conveying an increasingly positive brand image. That is why it has become common for companies to produce content to attract potential candidates. For example, these can be TEDx conferences or YouTube web series.


Improving the quality of life at work

Finally, building a good atmosphere at work can improve its e-reputation. The employer brand is directly affected by websites such as Glassdoor allowing current or former employees to anonymously publish their opinions on a company. Caring for your E-reputation is paramount since 89% of applicants do online searches before responding to an advertisement or applying for a job, and 78% of the candidates applied to a company following positive information found in Line (1).

It is now very simple to know the quality of a company’s employer brand since new technologies lead to more and more transparency. This is why it is important for a company to have an HR marketing strategy. Thus, our experts remain at your disposal for any advice in HR strategy (employer brand, attractiveness and loyalty…).