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Top 6 trends to get the best out of your team

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More than ever, people are at the heart of the organization. For Human Resources, it is a question of rising to these new challenges and to draw on the full potential of each one.

Align the company with the various societal changes, improve the employee experience, adapt the different teams to the needs of the company in constant evolution, so many objectives for Human Resources. What are the methods to adopt to achieve this?

1. The importance of internal talent

Faced with an increasingly volatile labor market, companies are forced to constantly review their skill needs. Often, the solution comes internally, and training peer-to-peer is the key to operate to meet this need. An idea broadly assimilated because more than 60% of European Top Employers make social learning a major axis of development of their teams. (Source: Top Employer Institute)


2. Collaboration and diversity

Today, 9 out of 10 employers make this reality a priority and consider it a business vector for the company. On one hand, the younger generations, also known as the most connected, are importing their collaborative mode of work into the organization. This can be done through the establishment of an internal social network to facilitate exchanges among colleagues that are digital savvy. But, this collaborative operation can also involve setting up groups for developing projects between collaborators and content. It is also a great way to stimulate learning among everyone and especially between different generations.


3. Stimulate everyone’s commitment

This notion has become the major concern of HR. Managers no longer hesitate to promote the recognition of each and the well-being of each member of their team. Thus, empowerment (placing employees at the heart of decisions) becomes common. It is for the management to give up some of its powers to ensure greater responsibility, greater autonomy and increased loyalty.


4. The collaborative experience

This is intended to encompass all the feelings and experiences combined in the company since recruitment. HR becomes the guarantor of a successful integration and a path of high value add for everyone in the company. They are the key to loyalty, commitment and performance.


5. Personalized training for all

This is a hot topic in the coming months with the entry on reform of vocational training that will offer everyone the opportunity to select the training of their choice. But in general, corporate training is a big trend to optimize performance internally and derivatives are not lacking. Blended learning, for example, is a mix of virtual reality and face-to-face coaching. The employee can thus freely access the training platform of his company from his smartphone thus finding content, videos, exercises. Currently, more than ¾ Top Employers in France have this type of portals (Source: Top Employer Institute)

The other trend drift of the moment is that of gamification. It is about using elements normally reserved for a game in a professional context. This process allows the employee to be awarded points to earn a reward, an excellent motivation vector.


6. Telecommuting

Remote work devices are multiplying in companies. Thanks to the multiplication of tools, the collaborator can work anywhere. Today 25% of French employees telework regularly (Source: and the trend should continue in the years to come. This system is designed to meet growing societal demands related to parenthood, hourly arrangements or availability of premises. Today more than 70% of Top Employers have integrated this mode of operation. (Source: Top Employer Institute)

All these trends are the key to getting the most out of the teams. It is now up to HR to know how to implement then within the organization.