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What are some areas that an Advisory Partner can support you in?

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Every HR Advisory Partner has their own areas of expertise and services offered, but it is always good to know what areas you can seek assistance in. This is particularly useful if your HR strategy and planning accounts for a long-term approach, your company goes through expansion or faces internal and external changes, or there is a need to adjust to industry trends

Here are some examples of what areas the partner can assist you with:

  • HR Strategy – advisory services around HR strategy is probably one of the first things that come to mind. It covers long-term HR strategy, policies, retention initiatives, loyalty plan, HR function and communication, managing workforce and skills, HR roadmap any more aspects of HR. You can expand your expertise by gaining a new perspective, knowledge on current industry trends and best practices.
  • Digital HR Consulting – When it comes to such a substantial investment such as selecting and implementing a new HRIS solution you might want to consider an option of leveraging the expertise of the HR advisory partner. Your partner will assess and analyze the existing solution (if that’s the case), identify your needs, desires, any pain points and future expectations. Based on the findings, the HR partner will identify an action plan to resolve difficulties, present the new required applications and HRIS architecture. The partner is responsible for benchmarking of market tools, proposing a variety of options, negotiating on your behalf with vendors, and securing the implementation and support services.
  • Project Management – HR advisory partner can assist you when your company is overwhelmed with internal or global projects and support project management functions. The partner will ensure that the project is following set deadlines, guarantees the quality of project deliverables, manages international projects and is responsible for stakeholder coordination.
  • Talent Acquisition and Employer Brand – recruiting is a challenging process, recruiting the right talent – even more challenging. Your partner will determine the technical and functional skill set required as well as the behavior criteria necessary for integration within your corporate culture. Based on your needs, the partner will source the candidates using their database, network, and specific recruitment campaigns. After that, the partner will conduct interviews, complete reference checks, shortlist candidates, assist in the negotiation and monitor the integration of the candidate until the end of the trial period. You can also outsource the development t of the employer brand. The partner will help you define the employer brand strategy, create a brand action plan, determine campaigns, monitor the effectiveness of the campaign and measurement of audience and image impact.