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SAP SuccessFactors: People Analytics - Embedded Edition (EN) SuccessFactors People Analytics is now generally available for all SuccessFactors customers. It leverages the power of SAP Analytics Cloud in different ways.

This webinar will focus on the embedded edition of People Analytics, its features, as well as HR Path's experience of implementing it including migration to IAS & IPS.

Embedded edition features:
- Build visually compelling Stories: Presentation style report that uses charts, tables, dashboards, text & images
- Ability to blend data from multiple modules into one report story, removing need to create multiple reports
- Enables customers to report on all their SAP SuccessFactors data including MDF objects
17 Jun, 202115:00 AEST1 hour
SAP SuccessFactors Full suite HRIS for SMB (EN) Interested in learning how you can own and implement best-in-class SAP SuccessFactors in 6 weeks for a very affordable price?

NUBO is our award-winning packaged solution for SAP SuccessFactors that is geared toward small to medium sized businesses in a faster, more efficient manner and at a lower cost. This solution is based on HR best practices that is pre-configured and ready to use with a focus on employee experience.
Want to learn more? Join our webinar and you will see the full functionality, low cost, and rapid deployment of SAP SuccessFactors.

We will cover:
• Core HR
• Recruiting + Onboarding
• Learning
• Career Development + Succession
• Performance Management
• Compensation

24 Jun, 202111:00 CEST1 hour
SAP SuccesFactors : Goals and Performance (EN)29 Jun, 202111:00 EDT1 hour
SAP SuccessFactors: BPO (EN)30 Jun, 202114:00 WIB1.5 hours
SAP SuccessFactors: NUBO, an enterprise HR solution for small businesses (EN) NUBO, a HRIS solution powered by SAP SuccessFactors, is geared toward small to medium sized businesses in a faster, more efficient manner and at a lower cost. Some of NUBO’s features include:

- the entire hire to retire process flow from the recruitment process right through to succession planning
- pre-configuration, standardization, and ready to use best-in-class HRIS
- HR best practices and optimized for employee and manager self-service
7 Jul, 202116:00 +081 hour


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