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Keeping the Dream Alive - Digital HR Transformation (EN) Before the pandemic, organizations were competing to pursue organization-wide digital transformation. Then, in the middle of this exciting time of innovation, digitalization of works, and prospective economic growth; suddenly the world was thrown into a crisis that threatens everyone’s way of living and being.

HR has become the centrepiece of organizations to ensure their survival. Leaders from all functions look to HR for guidance, ensuring the livelihood and safety of their employees.

In parallel, business is looking to HR for its support to ensure that after the crisis, everyone is ready to come back to contribute even stronger than ever. Digital HR Transformation provides an opportunity to remove some administrative pressure, giving HR professionals more time to consult, guide and lead the business through the uncertainty of the ever changing conditions and environment.
4 Jun, 202016:00 AEST1 hour
SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding 2.0 (EN)
11 Jun, 202014:00 +081 hour
SAP SuccessFactors performance management for SME (EN) How can SME’s inspire Employees to perform at their best during difficult times?
18 Jun, 202014:00 +081 hour
Oracle Taleo Optimization (EN)18 Jun, 202011:00 CDT1 hour