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Your challenges

Aligning the HRIS with the HR Director’s needs:

  • Evolution of the company’s organizational scope which induces certain choices in the use of tools (acquisition of new activities, mergers, etc.)
  • Evolution of the HRIS with regard to the technological orientation or the company’s IS policy
  • Development of new areas in the HR policy that underpin the need for the development of tools (development of internal mobility, management of the executive’s performance)
  • Taking into account new internal or external regulatory constraints
  • Desire to improve the monitoring and management of HR in international subsidiaries

Improve the service provided by the tools in place / solve difficulties encountered with these tools and service providers ( Editors / Integrators) :

  • Implementation project of a new HRIS in difficulty
  • Discontent of users: inadequacy to real needs, difficulties in its usage…
  • Numerous anomalies and malfunctions
  • Unsatisfactory service in application maintenance (TPMA, Managed Operations)
  • Migration constraint of existing tools imposed by the editor (end of maintenance)
  • Inflation of costs, deterioration of the quality of service , optimization of HRIS costs

Our Support

  • Assessment and analysis of the existing situation of your HRIS and your organisation: adequacy to the needs, origin and importance of the difficulties encountered, added value provided…
  • Identification and evaluation of the possibilities for HRIS evolution:
    • Action plan to resolve the difficulties encountered
    • Acquisition of new application components
    • Overall redesign of the HRIS
    • Evolution of the HRIS functional architecture
  • Benchmarking of market tools, whether they are classic or whether you are looking for the latest application developments
  • Choice of the appropriate tools and services
  • Negotiation of balanced contractual and financial terms
  • Securing the implementation of action plans and/or new tools

Our expertise

Audit & Master Plan

Assistance in selection