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Audit & Master Plan

An HRIS master plan logic would optimize the applicative base and simplify its management while modernizing the image and service offering of the HRIS.

Emeline Balu, Senior consultant

Your challenges

Human Resources Departments are required to adapt their operations to the new expectations of employees and the expansion of the challenges related to HR professions: talent management, dematerialization, digitalization of processes, data security…

  • How can I align my tools and business needs to facilitate my management processes and create added value?
  • How can I use my HRIS to accelerate organizational change in order to support the company’s development policy?
  • What is the vision of the IS in the short and medium term?
  • What is the expected ROI? What budget should be allocated to the project?
  • What functional architecture needs to be defined to support business processes and align the tools with the operational needs?
  • What organization must be put in place to carry out the project?

Our support

Any project to redesign or develop the HRIS must go through a first phase of audit and HRIS study, in order to define the project and to identify the current existing organization around the HRIS and have a clearer vision of the future.

Diagnosis of the existing HRIS / Study of the framework and opportunity for the HRIS

  • Assessment and analysis of the existing HRIS: operational diagnosis, evaluation of the service provided by the HRIS in response to the business challenges and market conditions, adequacy to the operational needs, reliability of the current solution and costs incurred;
  • Analysis of the organization around the HRIS: business processes, key players, difficulties encountered and particular expectations, functionalities desired as a target by business users;
  • Identification of possible areas for improvement taking into account the existing HRIS, the expectations and the organizational context.


HRIS and Trajectory Master Plan

  • Definition and design of the target HRIS (functionalities and characteristics, scope, organization, prioritization of needs,…);
  • Elaboration of evolutionary scenarios (acquisition of modules, evolution of the functional/technical architecture, redesign of the HRIS, evolution of service levels,…);
  • Gap analysis / HRIS transformation plan to achieve the desired target, both in terms of tools and HR processes.


Business Case and Action Plan

  • Writing a Business Case: review of the project’s objectives, estimation of expected gains and benefits, analysis of costs incurred and identification of possible risks;
  • Development and implementation of an action plan to implement the project, including both the tools and the organization around the HRIS.

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