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HR Strategy

Your challenges

The HR strategy is a vast field that aims to work on a set of factors promoting the effectiveness of the Human Resources policy in the short and medium term:

  • Long-term strategy and how I position myself in my sector of activity: What HR policy(s) for my company, what are the results that will indicate, in 3 years, that I have succeeded in my mission,how to organize the HR function so that it is embodied at all levels of the company, what roadmap should I follow?
  • What attractiveness and loyalty plan should I put in place to attract and retain the most competent employees in my sector of activity, in my company size? Is my remuneration policy attractive? What management plan should i put in place for the new generations? Should I be concerned about “employee experience”, how does the HR function participates in the personal and professional development of its employees?
  • The HR function and communication: How to emerge as the winner of the talent war?  Which recruitment management plan should i put in place? The management of e-reputation, am I visible online and am I recognized as an attractive employer?
  • What is the role of the HR function in the digitalization of my company? What is the digital maturity for the HR function?
  • My dashboards: reduce turnover, understand absenteeism rates, manage my workforce and skills, situate myself in relation to others…..

Our support

Change Path, the HR function’s master plan: work on its strategy and translate it into an action plan, situate itself in relation to its competitors, and better position the HR function in its internal and external environment.

3-5-year strategy and governance

Attractiveness and loyalty

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