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HR Innovation

Reinvent yourself, understand the challenges related to the innovation for your company and work on people support, to demonstrate the strategic partnership in this fight to gain the best competitive advantage... Because after all, the greatest competitive advantage for companies will be their human capital.

Houria Elbaghdadi, Associate Director

Your challenges

  • Digitize HR processes in order to unify, simplify and secure the sharing of HR information in your company
  • Streamline and simplify your administrative tasks (“zero paper” objective)
  • Reduce and better manage the costs of certain activities, identify the full cost of a process, …
  • Develop automation between HRIS through web service platforms
  • Provide HR with machine learning and big data technologies through learning, predictive and decision support algorithms
  • Promote the adoption of new uses and good practices through the acquisition of innovative solutions
  • Identify start-ups or niche solutions in the HRIS ecosystem that will bring real added value for the organization and its users

Our support

Our mission is to be a pioneer in managerial, HR and digital subjects, and to help our HR clients become the pioneers of innovation in their organization.

  • Implement a forward-looking approach
  • Work with you on the HR function of the future and the HR professions
  • Support your seminars and your efforts to facilitate the HR innovation process
  • Supporting changes related to innovation issues
  • Implement an vision and tools to work on the jobs of tomorrow (workforce planning, reduction and growth of professions, training plans…)
  • Insufflate a spirit and culture of innovation among managers and employees to be at the heart of your company’s innovative approach and process

We use many tools from change management techniques to help you become an innovative HR function (creativity workshops, foresight, TEDx organization, etc.)

Our expertise

HR strategy


HR Foresight

Audit and evaluation of the maturity of the HR function

Employee Experience

Social Audit

Our references