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Organizational transformation

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Being agile, adapting to a changing environment to remain competitive, efficient and offer the best customer and employee experience requires identifying the right levers to develop your organizational model and your HR and HRIS strategy.

Laurent Tarnat, Partner

Your challenges

  • Adaptating the HR organization in changing contexts (merger, business transformation, etc.)
  • Defining your HR & HRIS service model to be more efficient
  • Better customer orientation for HR
  • The willingness to outsource part of HR activities in order to allow time for topics with a real added-value
  • The performance and good organization of your HRIS support
  • The level of performance and the positioning of your processes with regard to best practices
  • The quality and relevance of the organization’s and processes’ management indicators

Our support

As a transformation specialists, we combine our expertise on organisational issues with our change management skills to help you obtain a long-term strategic vision of your organisation and HR activities: foresight, business developments, HR innovation…

We are also committed to supporting you through your operational challenges because we are responsible for the changes we recommend: analysis of the existing situation, identification and evaluation of organizational scenarios, redesign of one or more HR processes…

  • Comparison of the company’s operation and performance with similar companies and best market practices
  • Identification and evaluation of appropriate ways to optimize the organization and processes adapted for the company
  • Action plan to resolve the difficulties encountered
  • Framing and definition of HR, HRIS service models, whether they are national or international
  • Implementation of new organizational models: mutualization, outsourcing….
  • Redesigning processes
  • Design and implementation of new HR organizations and processes, and change management
  • Selection of appropriate HR outsourcing providers, negotiation of contracts and service agreements with these providers

Our expertise

Shared Services Centre (SSC)

Framing study



Business case

Auditing of the HR function

Performance of the HR function

HR Transformation

Process optimization

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