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Performance of the HR Function

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Measuring the efficiency of your organization and the value it brings to the company is the starting point for better defining and structuring your HR function.

Pascal Le Fevre, Partner

Your challenges

The performance of the HR function has for objective to satisfy internal customers, whether they are employees, managers, the Executives or future employees.

It is both quantitative (number of people, indicators…) and qualitative (quality of services, supply of services…) and aims to:

  • Identify more clearly the fields of activity or organizations where the HR function is creating value
  • Assess the HR and finance ROI (e.g. training)
  • Legitimize, for the HR actors themselves, their roles and actions regarding internal clients

This performance is achieved through three essential and cyclical stages: strategy, strategic & operational management and measurement via associated indicators and action plans.

Our Support

Analysis of the performance of your HR department

  • Analysis of the service offered (what is it doing well, what is its added value, how to improve the image of the HR department…)
  • Audit of the performance of your HR department in all its aspects (organization, roles and responsibilities, activities, people and management…)
  • Conducting satisfaction surveys, social barometer, analysis of your indicators in comparison with our benchmarking of HR practices on similar companies (sector or/and problems)
  • Construction and assistance in the implementation of an action plan


Improvement of the management methods of your HR processes and social & salary policies

  • Audit of all or part of the processes and policies with an associated quantitative and qualitative improvement plan
  • Employer image and recruitment audit (attraction and retention of employees, community management, e-reputation…)
  • Carrying out satisfaction surveys, social barometers
  • Analysis of your indicators in comparison with our benchmarking of HR practices on similar companies (sector or/and problems)
  • Structure and assistance in the implementation of an action plan


Structuring of the HR performance management

  • Definition and implementation of a performance management process
  • Definition of an objetcives contract (objectives, action plan, indicators, etc.)
  • Definition of a performance plan
  • Drafting of an investment file (HR hypotheses, operating budget, areas for improvement, investment needs, etc.)


Construction of performance monitoring dashboards and indicators

  • Respond to governance issues and the company’s long-term strategy. Analysis of actual and potential performance and malfunctions
  • Implementation of tools to facilitate the decision-making process after analysis of monitoring indicators, and implementation of corrective actions
  • Detection of possible opportunities and prevention of new risks

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