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Project Management and AMOA, Payroll, GTA, Talent

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Your challenges

Control your HRIS projects:

  • Study, benchmark market solutions and the best strategies to implement to meet the needs of the user departments, whether it concerns payroll, GTA, training, talent, administrative management, compensation management, etc.
  • Implement appropriate methods to manage and keep projects and programmes under control
  • Implement solutions and a HRIS capable of supporting a transformation/digitisation strategy
  • Combine methodological, functional and technical expertise to succeed
  • Mastering quality
  • Control the scope and timing of projects
  • Control budgets

Our Support

Support you in the pre-project phase and project phases and throughout the life of your HRIS thanks to our teams of business, functional and technical experts and our experience in projects of all sizes and types.

Our expertise

Project Management

Time Management & Planning


Talent Management