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Oracle Integration

At HR Path we understand how complex integrations between systems may be and so we are determined to simply them for you thanks to our packaged integrations which we customize and build on top of Oracle’s integrations. This drastically decreases the risk, cost and effort for your business.

Cloud Integrations

The current trend favours Cloud applications, and in this context, their integration into the IS landscape is at the heart of successful projects. Most Cloud applications limit the exposure of their data by shifting the integration to a third-party tool. Therefore, there is an incentive for companies to develop their own integration methods, which can generate significant complexity and increase the associated maintenance costs.

To respond to the challenges faced when working with cloud applications, we have put together a strategy which includes a wide range of integration templates for ordinary integration scenarios.  For each of those scenario templates, we created adapters specific to each cloud application. This significantly facilitates the implementation and maintenance of streamlined integration solutions between cloud applications. HR Path’s Integration Template Libraries are determined using Oracle Cloud Integration Technologies.

End-to-End Integrations

For either Cloud or on-premise applications, the best practice remains end-to-end integrations. HR Path has significant experience in designing and implementing End-to-End Integrations on HCM Cloud, People Soft or Taleo. When delivering End-to-End Integrations, we use the Interface Oracle Tools.

Integration Solutions adjusted to Business Demands

If you are revamping your current interface landscape or developing new interfaces, HR Path has the necessary skills and experience to significantly improve HRIS integration and reduce the total cost of ownership. From user interaction to cloud and mobile integration, we can collaborate with your teams so to deliver simple, sustainable and resusable business integration solutions.

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