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Oracle Support

Constant improvement and customer care are essential to factors for user acceptance and long-lived success. Thanks to HR Path’s Oracle support services, you can improve the infrastructure of your Oracle environment through our cooperation, empowerment, creativeness, added value, and necessary support. For all our deployment options we use corrective, pre-emptive, and flexible support.


Our Support experts can offer you the best practices to maximize the benefits of your cloud system. In addition, our team can assist you during mission critical situations.

  • Support experts – Our team of 90+ experienced and certified consultant can provide you with important advice.
  • HR Path Advise value maps – leverage value maps to rapidly recognize the services, tools, and expertise relevant to your needs


Through our Education Services we can empower you thanks to our expert advice and important knowledge of transfer services which will enable you to successfully use the solution and innovate.

  • Knowledge transfer – on digital transformation, integration, and system operations
  • On-demand learning experience – combining customized and expert-led offers, at your disposition 24×7 on our platform
  • High-quality knowledge – our support experts help you to solve the skills shortage of your key users, IT, and line-of-business experts

Innovation and Value Realization

Within our HR Path Support Services we offer a wide range of services and tools to enable you to increase your process efficiency and speed up the adoption of new trasformations.

  • Customer value experience tools – seize added value opportunities by leveraging available tools focused on innovations and business outcomes
  • Release Management – efficiently manage IT and smoothly introduce new functionalities to meet business requirements

Mission-Critical Support

No matter the deployment scenario and the challenges that can come about, a keystone of HR Path Support Services is mission-critical support which offers quick collaboration with support experts.

  • A single, intuitive interface – access to support resources, ensuring an efficient and user-friendly experience
  • 24×7 availability – independent of your deployment model, get immediate access to the support you need
  • Minimized business disruption – accelerate problem resolution thanks to best-in-class service level agreements for timely reaction and a corrective action
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