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SAP SuccessFactors Integration

HR Path knows the complexity of integrations between systems and we are here to make things easier for you. With our packaged integrations – we customize and build on top of SAP’s integrations. This means there is less risk, cost, and effort for your organization.

Cloud Integrations

With the current trend of many companies adopting more and more cloud applications and xAAS (SAAS, PAAS, ISSA), integrations to and from cloud applications are becoming ever increasingly challenging.  Most cloud applications have limited data services exposed externally, and custom integrations must be developed outside cloud applications with limited accesses into the cloud application data and processes.  Common mistakes repeated by many customers are in building very complex custom integration solutions to compensate for these limitations.

To address these challenges when working with cloud applications, HR Path has developed a strategy that uses a library of integration templates for common integration scenarios.  Within an integration scenario template, we build adapters specific to each cloud application.  This allows for the implementation and maintenance of streamlined integration solutions between cloud applications.  HR Path Integration Template Libraries are defined Boomi and SAP HANA Integration, which themselves are cloud integration services.  These allow HR Path to provide its implementations solutions as cloud services to its customers.

Point-to-point Integrations

Whether working with cloud applications on on-premise applications, sometimes Point-to-point Integration is still the mode of choice.  HR Path has vast years of experience designing and implementing Point-to-point Integrations both on SAP on-premise and SAP SuccessFactors.  Even when delivering Point-to-point Integration, HR Path uses an Interface Tool Box (an HR Path proprietary integration solution) that has its own set of solution libraries to streamline implementation of most HR/payroll data integrations.

Integration Solutions Fit for Business Demands

Whether you are revising your current interface landscape or developing new interfaces, we have the experience and the skills to drastically improve the interface user experience and the total cost of ownership. From user interaction to cloud and mobile integration, we partner with your existing teams to deliver simple, reusable, and sustainable business integration solutions.

Download our SAP SuccessFactors Integration Guide

Well-designed integrations are critical components for a success of a cloud application such as SuccessFactors. It requires some upfront planning and analyses to ensure that you have the right strategies for your integration needs. In this document, we give a high-level overview of the different aspects of integrating with SuccessFactors.
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