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Following its participation in the largest European survey on work motivation, HR Path is for a fourth consecutive time entering the prestigious list of companies where it is good to work.

HR Path, a major player and expert in human resources, is proud to announce its presence in the “HappyAtWork” ranking. It is a great pride for the whole HR Path Group to have obtained once again this certification, synonymous with quality of life within the company.

Professionalism, Sharing, Solidarity, Friendliness and Reactivity, these are our values. They have allowed HR Path to be a company where work rhymes with well-being. In almost 20 years of existence, the Group has become a key player in the world of human resources. Our way of working enables all our consultants to invest themselves in the life of the company and to regularly exchange with managers and the executive team. We continuously strive every day to maintain a mutually beneficial commitment with our employees. Obtaining this certification, which symbolises the quality of life within our structure, is a real accomplishment considering the difficult year that we have all faced.

The survey enabled all our employees to express their daily feelings about their experience within the company and to evaluate them on the basis of 6 points: professional development – motivation & management – salary & recognition – stimulating environment – pride – pleasure. In terms of figures, more than 71% of employees participated in this survey and the overall satisfaction reached a score of 4 ,15/5. Three statistics particularly testify to the validity of our method. The pride rate is 73%, the rate of pleasure to be found within our company is 76%, while the motivation and management rate is 69%. In terms of employee professional development, the company’s rate is 62%. Obtaining the HappyAtWork certification is based on an overall satisfaction score of 3.5/5 and a company recommendation of more than 60%.

“The health crisis has disrupted the working habits of our employees. However, we are proud to have successfully adapted to the current situation as the well-being of our employees remains our priority. We are happy to see that HR Path’s teams remain motivated to take on new challenges in 2021”. Cyril Courtin, founding partner of HR Path.


About Happy At Work:

Happy At Work is the first participative employer certification, and rewards excellence in management and employee motivation. Based entirely on the opinions of employees, the HappyAtWork approach is 100% open, 100% digital, and 100% authentic. Through their companies and the ChooseMyCompany website, employees from more than 10,000 organisations have evaluated their work experience on 6 dimensions: professional development, stimulating environment, management & motivation, salary & recognition, pride and fun. Their objective: to provide authentic and useful information and thus enable companies to present themselves through their culture, and candidates to inform themselves and find the right organisation for them.


About HR Path

HR Path, an expert and a vital player in Human Resources, helps companies for whom human capital is essential in their digital transformation. Advise, Implement & Run are the three business lines of HR Path, which contribute to the corporate HR performance. Founded in 2001, its 1000 talents support more than 1300 clients in 18 countries. To this date, its turnover is $132 million.

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