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Join us to discover Tools, Processes and Practices designed and delivered by SAP SuccessFactors that will move your "Business Beyond Bias". Over the last 100 years, great strides have been made to create more diverse workforces, but there is still work to be done. Research shows that for companies to thrive, they must build inclusive employee communities that offer diverse perspectives. Innovation from SAP SuccessFactors is helping to create a world that eliminates bias in the workplace across all employee touch points...

Whether it is a work tool or a hobby, the Internet is an integral part of our daily life - until it becomes indispensable. At least that is the impression we have, depending on how we use it. Here are some ways to learn how to manage your connection and potentially reduce it, in order to find yourself. According to a study by Dr. Alton NYU Professor, 40% of users in the US see in their behaviors a form of dependence on the connection,...