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Employee Central (EC) provides a better experience for the employees and HR. This is especially true during the employee life cycle; from the moment a job requisition is created for a new position to off-boarding an employee. Employee Central has a feature called position management. With this feature enabled, you can assign organizational units, cost centers and other foundational elements such as pay grades and job attributes to each position within the company. When a position is vacated, managers can raise...

In SuccessFactors’ Employee Central, Position Management is a feature that helps create jobs and positions to better enhance and define a business’s needs. From its integrations to its enhanced elements, there are many functionalities and features you may not fully understand or be leveraging within Position Management in Employee Central. Although, with every system, there are things to consider with different solutions. HR Path explains more about Position Management within SuccessFactors below. Please note at the bottom of the page...