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What is it? SAP WorkZone for HR provides a personalized and intuitive digital workplace experience for ALL employees (not just HR). It provides easy access to relevant business apps and processes, information, and communication using one unified entry point with the employee as the focus. This tool empowers employees to easily find and complete processes that traditionally require going into various applications, entering multiple support tickets, and having numerous conversations. In sum: · It is personalized · It is in one integrated place · It...

SAP Work Zone for HR is designed for empowering the employee experience. All transformations within an organization are people-focused. The top drivers for these changes are primarily based on cost savings and increased employee productivity. Are you equipped to respond?   Today, the employee experience includes - the employee’s journey, the functional service centers, and the management systems – which is fragmented, and this fragmentation results in a poor employee experience. SAP Work Zone for HR provides a personalized, intuitive digital workplace experience that provides easy access to relevant business applications and processes, information, and communication in a unified entry point for work with the employee at...